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(406) 338-7521
Fax (406) 338-7530

Main Tribal Office Building

Garland 'Ping' Stiffarm-CEO (Acting) Ext. 2201
Jen Kipp-CEO Administrative Assistant Ext. 2202
Michelle Brown-Chief Operating Officer Ext. 2204
Tinell Tatsey-Chief Financial Officer Ext. 2328
Zana McDonald-Grants Manager Ext 2203
James 'Jay' Dustybull-Accounting Technician Ext. 2206
Eric Butterfly-Purchasing Agent Ext. 2206

Behavioral Health-406.338.2160
Care Center-406.338.2686
Centralized Billing-406.338.4696
Covid Testing-406.338.4624
Crystal Creek-406.338.6330
Culture & Hope-406.338.3843
Eagle Shields-406.338.7257
Heart Butte Health Center-406.338.4872
Heart Butte Senior Center-406.338.2222

Honor Your Life-406.338.5563
Human Resources-406.338.2795
IHS Security-406.338.6357
Information Technology-406.338.2795
Journey to Recovery-406.338.3123
Native Connections-406.338.5563
School Based Clinic-406.338.3948
Seville Clinic-406.602.9077
Southern Piegan Health Center-406.338.7912
Tobacco Prevention-406.338.2413

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